Back in the 80s, a new musical medium, the Compact Audio Disc, was nascent.  Its existence has led to a new art form, the full-length music program.  By that, I mean one that is at least seventy minutes long.  The Audio CD can hold 79 minutes of tunes.  In stereo.    

 I make non-profit, local music CDs, full length compilation albums.  This is my artform.   My goal for each Project is a program that lasts 79 minutes.  You can see the first three here on my webpage. 

 You are invited to submit a tune for possible inclusion on one of my Retirement Projects.  These  albums  are music by folks who are Local (within 50 miles of the Capitol), that is Original and Not otherwise on CD.  I'll do the CD part.

I order a thousand,  so your tune and name would go on one thousand copies.   
My Projects are shared with audiences at shows, who will hear new artists on the albums.  Then perhaps they'll attend one of your shows, or find your music for sale.    Since  it's all local, it may serve as a promotion of the local music scene.  I hope so.

Please turn in a song that is either original or otherwise freely usable: public domain and traditional, arranged by you. This is so you control the copyright, and can then assign it to me for this Project, by turning in the master.  Since there's no money involved, it's that easy!   And I mean none: I don't charge you to take part, and I don't charge the audience for copies: I hand them out for free. 

Your tune should be less than five minutes, in CD audio quality, suitable for mastering.  This is going to a thousand strangers who will most likely not know of your music yet, so please do a good job on the song. 

Here's a place for the recording that was never released.  The tune that is good but didn't suit the rest of the album.  The song you put on the back of the 7-inch vinyl single.   A favorite song from your vinyl LP release.  If I like it and it fits with the other tunes on hand, it's on the disc.

If you have any questions, call or email me; I check my messages every day.   Please use the phrase ‘Retirement Project’ when writing.
I hope to hear a tune from you soon. 

Edh Stanley 


Box 246862 
S’o, CA 95824 


Say Hello!

Strong Acoustics, the first Retirement Project.


Tomato Vortex

The second Retirement Project album


Tomato Vortex artists include Mike Hogan, Elena Powell, Milwaukee, the Method, James Blonde, Gabe Nelson, Ben Hoke, T. Singh, Awstruck, Jennifer Tosney, Hecate's Riddle, Christine Knapp/Michelle Miller, Amos Robinson, the Horses, Eric Westphal, Mike Farrell and the Henge Trio.

The album was assembled, engineered and mastered by Michael Knapp, at Eat A Fig, in Placerville.  His work made it happen.

Puree Rising

Puree Rising's front cover art...

The back of the album, mostly